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  • Annual Report

    Annual Report

    Dear family and friends in Christ our Lord, It has been a year now since the foundation of SALM on Epiphany 2022, and we are pleased to publish our first annual report, which includes an explanation of our operating structure, a summary of the work that was done last year, and a glimpse of the…

  • Illustrated Small Catechisms for Christmas

    Illustrated Small Catechisms for Christmas

    The month of December is always a busy one for pastors, and South Asia Lutheran Mission team members were likewise busy with an important project, with a fixed deadline. After leaders from a Lutheran Nepalese congregation in Saint Louis reached out to us, we offered to provide them with illustrated Small Catechisms as gifts for…

  • The Epistle of Barnabas

    The Epistle of Barnabas

    Recently SALM published online the Epistle of Barnabas in Sinhala and Tamil, which can be accessed through through the respective Sinhala and Tamil resources pages. The English can be found online here. The Epistle of Barnabas is a Greek letter written in the late 1st or early 2nd century AD. Although the author does not…


Needs in South Asia

Educational resources and good teaching are high in demand, not only in South Asia, but globally. There is a short supply of teachers, and many of our best educational Lutheran books remain unavailable online or in South Asia, due to copyright restrictions. We hope to help, by targeting the most urgent needs and requests for teaching and publications, to the extent God gives us the strength, opportunity, and ability.

The Ongoing Mission

In the last year, Pastor Edward Naumann has been working continuously, helping to publish five books, totaling more than 5,000 print copies for distribution in South Asia, and making three visits to overseas partners. As SALM Director, he continues to serve in the same way, but with prayerful assistance from supporters of SALM, and the board of directors.

Working with Partners

None of this work is done in isolation, but everything stems organically from cooperation and interaction with partners in South Asia, as well as globally. SALM is listening directly to the voices of our overseas partners, and striving to help in ways that are most beneficial, not imposing or insisting on anything, but responding to needs and requests, and teaching where it is welcomed and needed, where God opens the door and provides the opportunity for us to serve.

Working with local partners

Publishing educational resources


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Providing Open-Access Resources

The resources produced in English and other languages of South Asia are being published online, as well as in print through Amazon and other booksellers, so that resources are accessible globally, and made as affordable as humanly possible.

Where possible, SALM also helps overseas partners to cover the costs of printing books for distribution.


Working with partners in South Asia and globally, to bring education where it is needed most.

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